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Johan Huizinga

If we are to preserve culture we must continue to create it.


About me

Zahra Alosaimi a contemporary fashion designer inspired by culture and heritage. Fostering a unique approach to combine handcrafted techniques alongside modern practices truly sets my work apart. I am aiming to revive heritage, setting the scene for my contemporary designs; as an aesthetic combination for textures, detailing, together with a balance for 3D embellishments with some handcrafted techniques.

My work acts as a form of cultural preservation and innovation –helping traditional craft grow and making it
part of relevant contemporary aesthetic.

As a driven designer, with MA Fashion & Textiles degree, I am ready to bring my stylisation for a modern
approach towards heritage in luxurious/ Avante Garde collections.


Contact Me


Email: zahra.osaimi@gmail.com

Phone Number : +966531135571