Christopher Johnson

IT Executive, Systems Architect, and Security and Compliance Leader


Keller Texas, U.S.A.




I’m Christopher Johnson. IT Executive, Systems Architect, and Security and Compliance Leader.

Creative, goal-oriented professional with experience leading IT operations, software development, security, and compliance. Effective at negotiations, and maximizing resources to increase profits. Personal commitment to acquiring new knowledge, performing at the highest level, and achieving objectives critical to the growth and success of a company.


Work Experience

May 2019 - Present

Trinity Real Estate Solutions CTO/Information Security Officer

  • Development

    • Oversaw development, prioritizing features, bugs, and created requirements optimizing process and flow
    • Architected database and software systems to improve productivity and reliability
    • Designed and directed system integrations between Trinity and multiple key customers improving reliability and providing visibility into errors
      • Reduced customer complaints and provided Trinity the ability to address problems before customers knew they existed
    • Utilized contract development to accelerate critical projects and minimize costs
    • Implemented DevOps and CI/CD pipelines
      • Allowed for live releases instead of outage windows
      • Created role back solutions for unforeseen issues
      • Increased executive insight into release schedule and release contents
    • Implemented code scanning and automated testing
      • Decreased unexpected roll back of code by over 40%
      • Provided compliance with modern development standards
  • Security

    • Architected Azure systems for security and visibility
      • Implemented Azure Cloud Defender scanning and remediation program
      • Performed audits to verify implementation of configuration standards
    • Centralized logging to Sumo Logic for SIEM visibility and alerting
    • Implemented Pen Testing and vulnerability scanning and remediation programs
    • Monitored and implemented Azure best practices for security
  • Infrastructure

    • Architected and oversaw the migration from AWS to Azure
    • Decreased cloud costs by over 20% by migrating to Azure and optimizing cloud services utilized
    • Increased reliability and decreased complexity by migrating to PaaS services over IaaS services
    • Migrated on-prem phone system to Microsoft Teams resulting in a 30% cost savings
    • Implemented O365 SharePoint solutions to replace on premise file servers
  • Employees

    • Hire/Fire responsible for 5 full time IT personal and additional contract resources
    • Grew a development team from 2 to 4 plus contractors reducing time to market for key software features
  • Compliance

    • Responsible for all IT requirements for SOC 2 Type 2 certification
    • Member of the executive team responsible for organizational SOC 2 type 2 certification
    • Created, maintained, and updated policies and documentation used in audits
    • Monitored and maintained compliance with internal polices and SOC rules to maintain certification
    • Provided IT representation for onsite audits from SOC and bank auditors
    • Responsible for answering assessments for and complying with some of the nation’s largest banks
August 2011 - May 2019

Daystar Director of Information Services

  • Development

    • Took the company from a purchased CRM, that wasn’t working, to a custom developed solution
      • System went from losing 40% of transactions to less than .001%
      • Reduced support department personal by 40% through workflow design and optimization
      • Created new features to automate manual work and reduce errors
      • Improved uptime from 97% to 99.999% via design and redundancies
      • Processed 30,000+ transactions/month via CC, EFT, and PAD with multiple payment gateways in different countries
      • Handled 50,000+ phone calls monthly with 100+ phone representatives
    • Prioritized requests from multiple departments based on business needs and executive direction
  • Software

    • Evaluated existing software for value over custom development and utilized existing services to optimize customized software development
    • Migrated on premise exchange environment to Office 365
    • Migrated legacy web servers to Azure and converted PHP systems to asp.net core
    • Assisted other department heads with evaluating and costing software and on-premise vs cloud solutions
  • Hardware

    • Implemented 40G networking core with 10gig clients
    • Purchased/Managed 3+ PB of spinning disk storage and 4+ PB of tape archive/backup
    • Designed 100+ remote sites of connectivity/security
    • Handled multiple MPLS lines
    • SD-Wan designs for international locations including Israel, Australia, and Canada
    • Provided live 24/7/365 encoding and video streaming
    • Procured 3 PB of CDN distribution annually
    • Saved 20% annually on bandwidth buy
  • Security

    • Managed PCI compliance
    • Implemented Soc as a Service
    • Integrated multiple log and monitoring sources
    • Upgraded firewall systems and implemented SSL monitoring
    • Implemented Proofpoint email security to protect from malicious email attacks and social engineering threats
  • Budget

    • Responsible for purchasing hardware/software and headcount budgeting
    • Managed annual budget in excess of $1,000,000
    • Maintained transparent purchasing decisions and justified items as requested by executives
    • Lowered costs through negotiation, bundling, and consolidation
  • Employees

    • Hire/Fire responsible for 13 full time IT personal 35 full time data processing and 35 seasonal temps
    • Reduced head count to 25 data processing and removed all seasonal temps via software efficacies and KPI implementation and monitoring
    • Started with development team of 0 due to previous management
    • Lowered IT turnover to 1 employee in last 5 years
  • Vendors

    • Managed vendor relationships to assure we received the best service and evaluated new vendors and executed change when appropriate
    • Negotiated purchases of all hardware and software
    • Utilized outside vendors to reduce head count and lower overall cost and reduce exposure to turnover knowledge loss and skill shortages.
    • Performed contract reviews to assure SLA agreements and reclaim expenditures for failure to meet scenarios
    • Ensured high level relationship access to acquire support and get priority support when things didn’t go right
    • Created relationships with training vendors to provide continuing education and certification training to existing employees
July 2007 - August 2011

Daystar Assistant Production Manager

  • Development

    • Oversaw three departments consisting of 30 full time employees
    • Designed, developed and implemented a scheduling software system to improve communication, accountability, and department processes
    • Planned load-in/load-out scheduling, rentals, and freelancers for major events at the Fort Worth Convention Center
January 2003 - January 2021


  • President

    • Conducted high level needs analysis for eight small to medium sized businesses
      • Designed, purchased, and implemented networks, domains, and applications
      • Implemented backup systems and logging
      • Decreased costs by offering solutions for outsourcing of email and anti-spam systems
      • Improved employee effectiveness by implementing VPN solutions for off-site access
      • Satisfied requirements to obtain and maintain ISO9000 certification
    • Represented CompUSA business sales as the primary installation vendor
    • Managed five independent contractors



Bachelor's Degree Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management

  • University of North Texas

    Studied entrepreneurship and strategic management for companies ranging from individual startups to global brands. Was the lead presenter for the first-place team in the school wide Integrated Business Policy Case Competition.


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